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Usborne Activity Books

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Usborne Activity Books (5 Books)

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(Oops, sorry that this set of activity books are unable to sell in loose books)


Each book 64 pages + 4 pages stickers

Size 25 x 21.6cm

Book Title (1) Space

Book Title (2) Knights & Castle

Book Title (3) Dinosaur

A colourful activity book packed with prehistoric fun that will keep children busy for hours. Dino fans can add stickers of prehistoric creatures to an ocean scene, match dinosaur eggs to the right nest, spot the lizards hiding from a hungry dinosaur and lots more. With four pages of stickers and answers to all the puzzles at the back of the book.


Book Title (4) Time Tables

A write-in activity book of puzzles, activities and stickers to help children learn the times tables from 2 to 12. Puzzles include solving number clues to reach Treasure Island, or working out how long it takes to fly between alien planets. Activities are arranged by times table, and quizzes after each section let children test what they’ve learned.


Book Title (5) Adding & Subtracting

A colourful activity book packed with all kinds of adding and subtracting puzzles, from working out the weight of a holiday suitcase to counting animals on safari. Puzzles are grouped in five sections from simple sums to bigger numbers and tricky problems. Includes spaces for working out, extra practice pages, quick quizzes and sticker rewards.

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