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The Octonauts DVDs

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The Octonauts DVDs


Total 92 episode

Season 1 - 51 episodes

Season 2 - 23 episodes

Season 3 - 18 episodes

Language - English

Subtitle - English

Suitable for age 2 to 12


First Season

01.The Whale Shark

02.The Undersea Storm

03.The Crab and Urchin

04.The Walrus Chief

05.The Flying Fish

06.The Giant Squid

07.The Orcas

08.The Great Algae Escape

09 .The Remipedes

10.The Speedy Sailfish

11.The Blobfish Brothers

12.The Monster Map

13.The Lost Sea Star

14.The Albino Humpback Whale

15.The Giant Kelp Forest

16.The Enemy Anemones

17.The Narwhal

18.The Midnight Zone

19.The Snapping Shrimp

20.The Snot Sea Cucumber

21.The Giant Whirlpool

22.The Hermit Crab

23.The Mixed Up Whales

24.The Kelp Forest Rescue

25.The Decorator Crab

26.The Beluga Whales

27.The Hungry Pilot Fish

28.The Vampire Squid

29.The Seahorse Tale

30.The Giant Jelly

31.The Cookiecutter Shark

32.The Oarfish

33.The Combtooth Blenny

34.The Jellyfish Bloom

35.The Baby Dolphin

36.The Scary Spookfish

37.The Arctic Orcas

38.The Slime Eels

39.The Enormous Elephant Seal

40.The Sardine School

41.The Dolphin Reef Rescue

42.The Eel Ordeal

43.The Marine Iguanas

44.The Dwarf Lanternshark

45.The Pirate Parrotfish

46.The Electric Torpedo Rays

47.The Crafty Cuttlefish

48.The Lost Lemon Shark

49.The Humuhumunukunukuapuaa

50.The Giant Spider Crab

51.The Great Penguin Race

2nd Season

01 The Colossal Squid

02 Adelie Penguin

03 Coconut Crabs

04 Great White Shark

05 Sea Snakes

06 Bowhead Whales

07 Jawfish

08 Porcupine Puffer

09 Damselfish

10 Sperm Whale

11 Long-Arm Squid

12 Fiddler Crabs

13 Manta Rays

14 Swashbuckling Swordfish

15 Triggerfish

16 Mimic Octopus

17 Lionfish

18 Leafy Sea Dragons

19 Manatees

20 Saltwater Crocodile

21 Humphead Parrotfish

22 Gulper Eels

23 The Mariana Trench Adventure

3rd Season

01 Siphonophore

02 Water Bears

03 Cone Snails

04 Artificial Reef

05 Humpback Whales

06 Pelicans

07 Sea Pigs

08 Yeti Crab

09. Barracudas

10. Duck-Billed Platypus

11. Sea Skaters

12. Mudskippers

13. Harbour Seal

14. Lion's Mane Jellyfish

15. Red Rock Crabs

16. Sea Sponge

17. Immortal Jellyfish

18. Urchin Invasion

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