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Shichida Right Brain Game Play Set

RM 79.00

Language - Bilingual (English & Chinese)
Size 12 x 12 x 12cm
Per box come with 50 playing cards, a timer & a dice.

Method of Playing

Player 1:
Choose a card from box randomly
Look at the picture for 10 seconds (using sand timer)
Pass the card to Player 2 

Player 2:
Roll the dice
Ask the question (No.1-6)

If Player 1 answer correctly, he / she will keep the card. If the answer is wrong, return the card into the box.

Then, Player 2 turns. Choose another card randomly. Looking at the cards for 10 sec, player 1 ask question and so on.

Continue the game for 10 mins, who get more cards is the winner.