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Shichida Right Brain English CD

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Shichida Right Brain English CD (Story Telling)
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For CD no.1, 3, 5 - Each story repeat 3 times.
1) English in normal speed
2) English in fast speed 
3) Chinese in normal speed


For CD no.2,4, 6 - Each story repeat 2 times
1) English in normal speed
2) English in fast speed

Total 4 stories in CD no.1
Total 5 stories in CD no.3
Total 6 stories in CD no.5

Total 6 stories in CD no.2
Total 8 stories in CD no.4
Total 9 stories in CD no.6


Each stories is about 1 to 3 mins


Beginner - 2 CDs
Intermediate - 2CDs
Advanced - 2CDs




This is English story telling CD with alpha waves that can stimulate 8-13 Hz in hearing.

The Chinese article posted in the same album explain more in details. Feel free to have a read. Sorry that there is only Chinese article available now.

Right brain 's memory capacity is 100 times the left brain , right brain working at high speed , can record a large amount of information and data , left brain thing not fast processing power , so the ability to quickly process information to be able to delegate to high-speed processing of information the right brain , right brain attention neither understand , nor seek to remember. As long as you put the information quickly , a lot of input brain , it can remember. " Right Brain English " is usually 1.5 to 3 times faster to listen to the story in English , it allows you to quickly remember a lot of information in a short time.