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Oxford Reading Tree-Floppy's Phonics L1-6 (66 Books)

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Oxford Reading Tree-Floppy's Phonics L1-6 (66 Books)

Size 16.3 x 18.5cm
8 to 32 pages each book
Cover 250g paper quality, inner pages 128g paper


Book Titles,

stage 1+
I Can
The Dog Tag
Cat in a Bag
The Red Hen
Tip Top

stage 1+ Pack A
Big,Bad Bug
A Big Mess

Stage 2
The Fizz-buzz
Such a Fuss
Less Mess
The Sing Song
The Backpack

stage 2 Pack A
The Zip
Posh Shops
Bang the Gong
A Robin's Eggs

stage 3
The Moon Jet
The Red Coat
Wet Feet
Rain Again
The Rook and the Ring

stage 3 Pack A
Leek Hotpot
Queen's Maid
Toads in the Road
Chairs in the Air
A Bark in the Night
Sliver Foil Rocket

stage 4
The Knight Who Was Afraid
Egg Fried Rice
Craig Saves the Day
Dolphin Rescue

stage 4 Pack A
The Crab Dragon
No Tricks, Gran!
The Lost Chimp
Painting the Loft
Green Planet Kids

stage 5
Gran's New Blue Shoes
The playground
Ice City
A Little Baby Boy
Save Pudding Wood
Uncle Max

stage 5 Pack 2
The Gale
Please Do not Sneeze
The Missing Crystal
Rowing Boats
Mr Scroop's School
The Hounted house

stage 6
The Castle Garden
Top Score
Mum's Birthday Surprise
A Rare Pair of Bears
Change Gear!Steer!
Uncle Max and the Treasure

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