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No, David!

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No, David! 

by David Shannon


A4 size

Little David is naughty...hilariously so! Each double-page spread is devoted to a different unruly deed by the little stinker, plus a speech bubble plea from his mom to stop. But, to balance the shenanigans and misbehavior, Shannon ends the book on a positive note, with David getting a hug from his mother and reassurance that despite his misdeads, "Yes, David, I love you."

No, David! is one of the most memorable books we have run across in years. It's such an honest, hilarious look at childhood misadventures and little David is so full of energy, always into something new, often with messy, noisy, or disruptive consequences. Instead of a plot, what takes center stage are the hilarious illustrations, which each one telling a story!

Children will secretly recognize a bit of themselves in this book. And don't worry...children don't seem to take away from this book a desire to mimic David's wild shenanigans. Instead, it provides a nice reminder to children that they are loved despite their mistakes. Be sure to tell your kids that the author wrote this book about his own childhood!

This clever, fun book has won numerous children's book awards, including:

 * Caldecott Honor 1999

 * New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Book 1999

 * School Library Journal Best Book 1999

 * American Bookseller Pick of the Lists

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