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Neo Bear Pocket Zoo

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Neo Bear Pocket Zoo
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The new children's elementary education products Cubs Mourinho AR-dimensional "pocket Zoo" is a based AR technology allows real, three-dimensional animal appeared in child palm, make literacy more interesting. By AR and three-dimensional real-time rendering techniques, animation and virtual real space integration, screen stereoscopic 3D animals can do with the cards laterally rotate 360 degrees and 320 degrees vertical flip. Entertaining, unprecedented learning experience.

96 literacy cards
1 pouch
An ipad stand
1 Product description and certificate
Suitable for ages 1-8years old
Chinese and English language

Flat card, 3D images appear, as well as the effects immediately after the mobile scanning, "dynamic sound, animal appeared, great feeling to see the 3D blockbusters can play puzzle products

Hand touch screen mobile phone, small animals fly, it will be called, will turn around, you can interact with the toy is the best toy!