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Cheong Sam Series (C)

RM 42.00

Cheong Sam Series C

Code 908

Material 95% Cotton

Size 1: Chest 28cmx2, Length 45cm, for height 75 to 85cm
Size 2: Chest 29cmx2, Length 50cm, for height 85 to 95cm
Size 4: Chest 30cmx2, Length 56cm, for height 95 to 105cm
Size 6: Chest 31cmx2, Length 63cm, for height 105 to 115cm
Size 8: Chest 33cmx2, Length 69cm, for height 115 to 125cm
Size 10: Chest 34cmx2, Length 75cm, for height 125 to 135cm
Size 12: Chest 36cmx2, Length 80cm, for height 135 to 145cm
Size 14: Chest 37cmx2, Length 85cm, for height 145 to 155cm


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