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How to flash card:

Do it as a FUN GAME. The activity is not study but fun, play. Show your cards when he/she is relaxed and plays!

1. How to Read Cards?

The tone of your voice, rhythm and intonation are very important! Arrange the way to read. For example, firstly you read them in normal tone, secondly you whisper them and thirdly you read them loud.

2. Show Cards in a short time.

It is important to flash them at one or less than one second intervals per card. Stop showing cards to your child before he/she gets tired of it.

3. How many times a day can you flash cards to your children?

You can flash the cards 2 or 3 times a day eg. morning, afternoon and night but you can't repeat flashing the cards more than once in the same session.

4. What if my child is not paying attention to flash cards?

You can insert Thomas the train cards or any topic that might grabs your child's attention.

5. What is the best time to carry out some home practice session eg.flash card?

It shoud be a time when both the parent and child are in a good mood and are relaxed. If one of you is not ready participate in the practice but force yourself it would only end up being a stressful session. However a session need not take too long, about 5-10 minutes should do.

6. Keep distance

Your child may try to touch cards. You need to sit away where he/she cannot reach them so that he/she can concentrate on the activity. It is good to place a desk between him/her and you and have him/her sit nicely on a chair.

7. Always praise your child after showing cards

After showing cards, say cheerfully "You are very smart. I enjoy teaching you" as you pat is at his/her head, etc. 

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